Brazilian’s adventures in Vancouver

So… as I promised, this is my own effort for trying to show some nice things from Vancouver. First, I’ve been living here for one week, basically for studying, but on my freetime I usually go out with my wife (yes, she is here with me) for traveling, hiking, etc.

Vancouver is a nice place for living, with thousands of things to do. Yesterday (Oct 10, 2008), we went to Vancouver’s Aquarium and it was nice and fun. Nice because I’ve never seen a beautiful place like that and fun because there’re lot of things to see and do.

Have you ever seen the Dolphins jumping off the water or dancing ? I saw it yesterday.  Here it is, a very nice picture…

Dolphins - Vancouvers Aquarium

Dolphins - Vancouver's Aquarium

We saw some strange jellyfishs there. Rose (my wife) took more than twenty pictures and when I showed it for some friends they asked if we did a draw at Photoshop. Of course not, it’s real !

JellyFish - Vancouvers Aquarium

JellyFish - Vancouver's Aquarium

After that, we went to Stanley Park for a walk. Lot of nice boats, roads, nature and so on. Canadian people are really friend and always ask to take a picture for us.

Stanley Park- Vancouver

Stanley Park- Vancouver

After that, we went to our homestay and ate British Pizza with pineapple. They really do love that.

PS: My english is improving, sorry for any mistake. Feel free to comment.

See ya

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