Vancouver Part 2 – SeaBus

If you’re coming to Vancouver you’ll feel what I’m feeling and saying. To go from North Vancouver to Downtown or from Downtown to North Vancouver in weekends, you must take the SeaBus (if you dont have your own car).

It’s amazing: Fast, secure and beautiful.

Today (Oct 11, 2008) my wife and I were to Downtown and took some pictures from the top of the place near SeaBus station. Take a look and feel free to make a comment.

Picture took inside SeaBus

Picture took inside SeaBus


Amazing place - Sunny day

Amazing place - Sunny day

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  1. Caue on December 8th, 2010

    ola Robson,
    em que mes voce viajou para vancouver?

    see ya !

    ps: seu blog esta sendo muito util !! obrigado !

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