OWLNext now supporting all Microsoft Visual C++ versions

Jogy (from Owlnext) sent a message here on my blog, about a new tool for compiling OWLNext called OWLMaker.

I´ve written few months ago, my adventure in owlnext´s world to compile it sucessfully under Visual C++ 2008. Fortunately, you dont need it anymore :)

Check it out: Owlmaker for OwlNext

As Jogy said,  it should make building OWLNext 6.30 much easier.

Have fun.


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  1. Sebastian Ledesma on January 26th, 2010

    O caminho mais rápido para instalar OWLNExt é:
    - Faça o download e executar SetupOWLNext.exe, você instalou OWLNext 6.20
    - Faça o download e executar a atualização mais recente 6.30.4
    - Baixar o OWLMaker atualizado e executar para reconstruir as bibliotecas que você deseja.


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